Yalda in the Assyrian – Babylonian language means “nativity” , which derives from the Zoroastristan religion as well as from the Hebrew and Christian one. It is celebrated on December 21st, day of the winter solstice, the one which is followed by the longest night of the year. Maybe because of this still today in Iran, as in the antique Persia, Yalda is the ideal name for girls with hair and eyes as dark as the night. Yalda, hair and eyes as dark as the night, was born in Tehran, Iran, where at nine years of age she starts composing verses which she reads in evening events dedicated to music and poetry organised by friends. She studies music for years, plays the piano yet ends up focusing on the setar (antique Persian chordophone similar to a mandolin, having four cords). At the age of 21, thanks to a competition, she enters as a fixed member at the Iranian state television choir. In Iran women are not allowed to sing as soloist, but only within a choir. Also for this reason she moves to Italy, where she continues her musical studies. She starts doing concerts which opens many performing opportunities for her, such as the opening of the African cinema festival in Milan (2004), the opening of the Philipps Collection (2005) at the MART in Rovereto and at the “ Biennale di Architettura di Venezia (2006) in collaboration with Raiz, Sissi Atanassova, Tony Tchakarov e Daniela Diakova. In 2007 she registers a song for the closing credits of the Silvio Soldini film “Giorni e Nuvole” and records her first album. Big part of the titles belong to traditional Persian folk music. Titles whichhave been interpreted not only by the fathers of Persian music, throughout the centuries, yet also by contemporary singers such as Sima Bina and Pari Zangeneh. But Yalda’s versions are completly new, also because she is accompanied by the Bulgarian musicians of the Chalga Band who are virtuous and extraordinary interpreters of the Balkan culture, an omnivore music which since ever “devours” every kind of reality it encounters on its way. The result is a new musical genre: a melting-pot of musical cultures which have magically mixed. Besides a few titles in which Yalda uses Turkish, all of her songs are sung in Farsi, the antique Indo- European language spoken in Iran today. Also performed in Farsi is the cover version of Inverno, a song by Fabrizio de Andrè, a musician she greatly admires ever since her arrival in Italy. Her warm, soft voice offer us a version which Fabrizio surly would have loved…. 2005 Opening of the Festival of African, Asia and Latin America Cinema, at the Auditorium San Fedele, Milan 2005 Opening of the Philips Collection Washington, in collaboration with Collective Intelligence. Marte, at the MART of Rovereto. 2006 Main Vocals for the soundtrack of The Art of Italian Design composed by Giovanni Venosta, in collaboration with Collective Intelligence, Athen Concert Hall, Greece 2006 Concert for the opening of the Biennale of Venice. International exhibition of Architecture, in collaboration with Raiz, Sissi Atanassova, Tony Tchakarov and Daniela Diakova. “Il suono del colore” a project by Massimo Caiazzo, at the CZ theatre, Venice 2007 Concert for the opening of Odissea Festival, Oglio valley festival in Romanengo (Cremona) 2007 Main Vocals for the original soundtrack of the film ..Giorni e nuvole’ directed by Silvio Soldini. Music composed by Giovanni Venosta. 2007 Concert for the festival ..Maree, cultura in viaggio’ at the Roman Amphitheater, Terni 2007 Live performances in various radio shows of Radio Popolare, Milan 2007 Concert for “Festival Popolare delle Culture” at the Paolo Pini, Milan 2007 Special guest at ..Inedito’, musical event at Hollywood club, Milan 2007 Special guest at the Tribute for (and with) Enzo Jannacci, organized by Radio Popolare at the Verdi Hall, Conservatoire of Milan

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